Moderators: Now you can send mail to a pending member

By Aravind Sampathkumaran, Product Leader, Yahoo Groups

Beginning today, we’re making it possible for moderators to send mail to a pending member.

To get started, click the newly introduced ‘reply’ icon in the pending member page to launch the message compose window. The pending member will receive the message from the group owner’s email address. With this enhancement, Group moderators can ask pending members questions or provide information before making an approval decision.


This has been a popular request from Group moderators on our feedback forum, and we’re excited to introduce this enhancement. Give it a try and and share your feedback with us.

Discover attachments in your Group conversations, instantly!

By Aravind Sampathkumaran, Product Leader, Yahoo Groups

Conversations in Yahoo Groups can become quite long when some messages in the topic are posted with attachments. Now, when you view a topic, Yahoo Groups surfaces the attachments in the topic automatically. All attachments are tabulated beside the topic with the most recent ones visible on top.

You can see all attachments in the topic, preview photo attachments instantly and download files attached to messages in the topic.


Please give it a try and share your feedback.

Enhancements to conversations and more…

By Aravind Sampathkumaran, Product Leader, Yahoo Groups

When viewing a topic, some of our users wanted the ability to open a specific message independently and share the message url. We’re now introducing the ability to do just that on the message tiles.


The subject line of a message or the discussion topic is now shown below the toolbar to allow more of the subject text to be displayed.


When reading a message which is part of a topic with many posts, you can now see the number of messages in addition to the link where you can view all the messages in the conversation.


Enhancements for Groups moderators

Some of our moderators reported an issue involving the truncation of a comment submitted by pending member. This has now been resolved.

In addition, many of our moderators requested the option to set their groups to ‘plain text’ mode, we’re rolling this out progressively. Please go to ‘Management » Group settings’ to see expanded options that now include plain text.


We hope you find these updates to be useful.

Please continue to send us your feedback!

Photo and Files Search launched

By Aravind Sampathkumaran, Product Leader, Yahoo Groups

In response to a popular feature request, we’ve enhanced the search experience in your Yahoo Group with Photo and File search. In building this capability, we’ve indexed hundreds of millions of photo albums and Files stored on Yahoo Groups.


As a member of your Group you can now search not only your archive of conversations, but also photos and files stored in your Yahoo Group.

The new Photo search works by indexing Photo album details and returns a list of matching albums. Files search indexes all  file names and descriptions and also the contents of text files stored in your Group.

Give it a spin and we hope you like these new search experiences and as always,  share  your feedback here.

Additional tools for member management

By Aravind Sampathkumaran, Product Leader, Yahoo Groups

Group moderators, now you have two additional membership management options, bulk remove and ban members. You can find these in the “Actions” menu in the  “Manage Members” section under Group Management.


We  made these product changes based on your feedback posts requesting the ability to bulk remove members up to 100 at a time and preemptively ban specific non-member IDs. You can remove members or ban members by submitting a list of email or Yahoo IDs, 100 members at a time.

Groups menu options streamlined

By Aravind Sampathkumaran, Product Leader, Yahoo Groups

We’re always looking for ways to improve your experience with Groups. We’ve updated the Groups menu options so you can easily and consistently change views and perform actions across different sections of your Yahoo Group.

Photos : The “Action” menu within an album opens options to sort and edit the view. You can sort by manual order or by upload date and choose to display the photos in a grid or in justified view.


Database: Within a database, the “Action” menu gives you the option to change the line heights in the table - either “slim” for narrow lines or “relaxed” for wider ones. You also have the option to import or export data tables and print the database.


Messages : Within the Messages window, the “View” menu gives you the option to see the message history of the group, sort messages by date, and edit how the messages are presented.


Topics : Within a Topic, the “View” menu allows you to expand and collapse the messages in that topic, standardize the font, and sort messages by date posted.


Please continue to share your feedback and suggestions to improve Yahoo Groups.

Issue with message reply options fixed

When replying to a message, some of you may not have been able to choose your recipients via the drop-down menu since it was pointing to the default setting set for your group by the moderator.

Thanks for your feedback on the forum. We’ve investigated, identified the glitch and have fixed it. As always, keep sending us feedback!

Four more updates to Yahoo Groups

By Aravind Sampathkumaran, Product Leader, Yahoo Groups

We continue to make updates based on feedback from all of you and today, we’re rolling  four new enhancements

1.We’ve  added more information about your group on the “About Group” page that displays number of members date founded etc.,


2. When you upload a file – you can choose to automatically notify members of the group, who get a mail with a link to the file and can quickly download it.


3. Some of you reported that the link to a poll question created for the group was not clickable – this has now been fixed

4. Moderators : The glitch reported in activity logging has been fixed

Also, we’ve been looking into your feedback after the recent enhancements to the database experience.Thanks for your input ! We’ll factor it in our upcoming product changes.

Groups Database experience revamped

By Aravind Sampathkumaran, Product Leader, Yahoo Groups

Database interface improvements and issues with displaying data from tables with accented characters - for some international groups have been among top ranked feedback requests.

It took us longer than we would have wanted, to respond with product changes. There are two broad set of changes.

First, as explained in the Future of Yahoo Groups blog post by Jeff, one of the goals of the redesign was to bring Groups up to date with the modern Internet and Yahoo’s other current products. The redesign impacted how the data stored in tables was displayed by browsers, especially international languages like french. We’ve been working to update the  internal data format (encoding) to be in-line with industry standards (UTF-8) and we’ve successfully completed this effort.

Secondly, in parallel, we revamped the database tables user experience, based on your feedback.  We separated modifying table structure from editing data in a table and simplified the interaction model for the user. See top 10 changes rolled out :

  1. The table description is shown fully, above the data in a table
  2. Column headings, dock when scrolled, keeping columns names always in view
  3. When a table has many columns, you can use the  left /right column scroll buttons
  4. The insertion order of rows is maintained and is displayed as a separate column
  5. Data table is by default displayed in insertion order. The table could  be sorted by any column header.
  6. The sort order is preserved when printing the table
  7. Editing or deleting rows has been made easier. Select a row and the available actions (as set by change policy during creation of the table) appear in the first column
  8. Modifying table properties is easy. Deleting or editing columns names, changing table level permissions,table name and description is now a click away
  9. One of the common uses of database tables in Yahoo Groups  is to create a table and let users add their data (rows). Add row is now a prominent button on the toolbar when you open a table
  10. Searching is now case sensitive. Searching, printing, export and import data actions are available on the toolbar

One more thing, in response to your requests, we’ve increased the limits applicable to databases per Yahoo Group. Members can now create up to 30 tables per Group, up from 10 per group earlier. Each table could have up to 25 columns and 5,000 rows, increased from 10 and 1,000 respectively.

We’re hearing positive feedback already and we hope these changes meet your expectations. If you have more feedback, please do share on the feedback forum.

Five more enhancements you requested

By Aravind Sampathkumaran, Product Leader, Yahoo Groups

Four enhancements you’ve requested (even though ranked lower, were completed sooner), are now live.

For Moderators

  1. Display and modify delivery settings for pending members – Moderators of busy groups wanted this, you got it !
  2. When moderators saved an edited pending message the scroll position was reset – now fixed !.

For Members

We made  more changes based on your post on the feedback forum: 

  1. Showing message history or quoted text in a message, is more discoverable – We changed the ellipsis to read ‘show message history’.
  2. Improved readability of message summaries in the messages list by tweaking the formatting.
  3. We added the option to view a message with fixed width font or variable width font and a button to expand message display area.

Thank you for your feedback, keep sharing!